// CCHP is established on the concept of gradient power utilization. It is the energy system integrating cooling, heating (including air and water heating) and electricity generation;

// The most noticeable feature of CCHP is utilizing power of different quality in a gradient way. The energy with high temperature will be used for generating electricity in most circumstances while the energy with low temperature is normally used for heating or cooling;

// CCHP can not only improve the efficiency of energy utilization, but reduce the emission of carbide or other harmful gas, leading to economic benefits and societal good;

// Based on scientific methods of gradient energy utilization, CCHP leads to high efficiency in energy utilization;

// CCHP complies with the requirement for building conservation-minded society and is important for solving problems related energy and environment in China, as the key technology to form the new generation of energy system;

// CCHP derives from CHP, and is the combination of CHP and cooling technology;

// The core equipment of CCHP is gas generator and heat absorbing refrigerator;

// CCHP can be categorized as a kind of distributed energy system which is close to end users and reduces energy loss in the process of energy transit.