The features of skyscrapers include high density of residents, large volume of people flow, great number of electrical consumers, complicated power circuit and etc. Located in the centre of cities, skyscrapers have high requirements for noise, gas emission and other environmental issues. Calsion Diesel Generator Set can be deemed as the back-up power source as being reliable, efficient, eco-friendly clean power.

// Equipped with detection system, real-time understanding of unit operation, with a variety of data display, monitoring and alarm shutdown function;
// Equipped with RS232 / RS485 communication interface for the connection with the computer, in order to achieve remote monitoring, remote control, tele-signalization

    and telemetry;
// Automatic detection of the mains power outage triggering the start the gensets;
// ATS as the optional accessory which can automatically switch the critical load to the power supply of the gensets when the mains power is disconnected;
Ultra-low level of noise, ensuring the quiet environment for work;

// Carbon-efficient emissions suitable for the need of eco-friendly buildings;
// Stable performance with MTBF not less than 2000 hours;
// It fits in harsh environments and high-altitude areas;
// Provide the best solution customized for customers’ specific needs.