Dear all,

Nowadays our government pays great attention on the development of data centre and semiconductor industry. Therefore, emergency power system is significant for the national data security since it is a supporting part of industrial chain. Based on accumulated experiences in past 20 years, Calsion now owns distinctive competitive advantages in data centre and semiconductor industry in domestic market and has formed a team of experienced and skilled staff.    

As a responsible corporate citizen, we will use practical actions to bear our responsibilities for employees, customers, all stakeholders and the society while we pursue economic profits for the enterprise. We strive to ensure safe production and protect the environment as well as conducting the business in a moral way; we always deem customers’ demand as the direction, strengthen customer perception management and keep improving customer satisfaction; we endeavour to ensure that every contributing employee of Calsion can get deserved reward and achieve his/her personal value; we spare no efforts in creating wealth and happiness for all stakeholders of Calsion.      

In the future, we will stick to be market-oriented, strengthen product R&D, improve product quality management, reasonably control product costs, in order to make our products more competitive in middle- or high-end markets; moreover, we need to “keep fit” by continuously expanding new market and improve our services, improve and standardize internal operation management, in order to further solidifying the foundation and move towards grater goals. 

We have stepped on the new journey which shall not be blocked by our negligence and arrogance. Facing upcoming intensified competition in market and the industry, we, members of Calsion should keep calm and work together to make steady steps in our journey for future development. 

Baoliang  Wu