The high complexity and significance of the diesel generator set emergency power supply system requires the system integrator not only to provide the machine but complete the following work as below which they should have rich experience and technical capabilities:

// The design, planning and optimisation of the system proposal

// The selection and supply of certain machine type;

// Technical coordination capabilities in UPS, air conditioning system for machine room, power supply, HVAC and other related systems;

// Capabilities in hoisting, installation, pressure vessel (storage tank) construction and machine room construction;

// Having the ability in coordination and project management with parties including the owner, designer, general contractor, electrical subcontractor, supervisor and others;

// Having the experience and capability of system test;

// Having the capability of on-site test (as professional third-party test);

// Providing stable and reliable after-sales service and ensuring the provision of spare parts;

// Offering long-term technical support and having capability in technology upgrade service.

The diesel generator set emergency power system is not simply composed of several diesel generator sets, but includes the following main sub-systems:

// Multiple independent diesel generator sets (more than 5);

// High-voltage parallel system;

// Comprehensive relay protection system;

// High-voltage power distribution system;

// Centralized control and electricity redundancy system;

// Starting battery management system;

// Grounding protection system;

// Fuel system

// Ambient environment control system

// The above system not only includes hardware, but also corresponding control logic and software programming. Any negligence in the preparation stage will cause potential risks to the long-term stable operation in the future;

// Among all those systems, any individual system having problems will affect the normal operation of the entire diesel generator set emergency power supply;

// At the same time, these systems are independent but interconnect with each other, in which, in order to solve possible problems, we need to comprehensively consider the stability and reliability of the whole system rather than focusing on any single product. Also, we need to take customers’ actual situation into account for the design and other aspects;

// In the meantime, these sub-systems involve disciplines such as mechanics, medium- and low-voltage electricity engineering, intelligentization, HVAC, pressure vessel, firefighting and explosion-proof protection. We must choose products from the perspective of system solutions., services and system integration vendors with professional technical teams and practical experience.

// Considering such as a variety of applied disciplines, it is significant to choose the product & service and the system integrator who has experiences and techniques from the perspective of system solutions.