The chip factory has high requirements for reliable power supply, and high electrical load, in which power outrage may cause severe losses. Diesel generator will ensure the power supply for life safety system, pure water system, clean room system, process cold water system, process water cooling system and other special process power system. The Calsion diesel generator set is used as a backup power source, which can realize the functions including automatic power switch between diesel generator and utility mains, load test in synchronization and etc.

// Multiple diesel generators can be paralleled into operation or low-voltage gensets can be boosted into parallel operation;
// For different operation requirements, the diesel generator sets can be flexibly arranged as single set operation or sectionalized configuration;
// The diesel generator sets can be coordinated with the utility in 25 phases synchronization, achieving multiple types of grid-connection;
// Automatic start mode. In the period of mains failure, the gensets will automatically start and supply power to loads; when mains is connected, the gensets will automatically synchronize with mains and transfer the power supply of loads to mains, then gensets stop running;
// Load transfer mode. When there are planned power outrage or utility maintenance, the gensets can be started in synchronization with the mains, and the power supply of loads will be smoothly transferred from the mains to the gensets, in which the mains then is disconnected;

// After the mains returns to connection, as a way to achieve two-way uninterrupted power transfer, the gensets will synchronize with the mains again, and the power supply of loads will be smoothly transferred from the gensets to the mains, in which the gensets then is disconnected;
// Fixed power mode. The load test of the gensets can be conducted with part of actual loads of the factory, in which the gensets is set in fixed power output and supply power to loads with the mains. This mode can also apply in the situation of restricted power of the mains;

// The stagger mode. In the situation of restricted power of the mains, the gensets synchronize with the mains and both supply power to the loads, in which multiple methods can be adopted including setting up power of the gensets, or the automatic start mode of the gensets according to the loads;

// Achieving quick parallel operation though advanced CBE technology. By applying CBE, the gensets can supply power to loads within 15 seconds after the mains is  disconnected;

// Level-to-level management of load output switch. For ensuring the power supply of critical loads, the output power control system of diesel generator sets can adjust the open and closing of the load output switch.