Flywheel DUPS

// Flywheel DUPS is the UPS system by using mechanical inertia for energy storage, which provides the uninterrupted power supply for critical loads in a short period and work with diesel generator to provide the long-term uninterrupted power supply.

// Flywheel DUPS mainly comprises diesel engine, alternator, flywheel accumulator, choke and other components.

// If mains power is connected, electricity goes through alternator to drive flywheel’s operation for energy storage. If mains power is disconnected, the spinning flywheel will drive alternator’s operation to supply power for loads in the initial stage.

// The choke and alternator operate for the conditioning of the load voltage and improvement of the electricity quality like voltage stabilization, filtering and reactive power compensation.

// Batteries can be adopted to replace flywheel to store energy, which supply high-quality and stable electricity to loads through active power filter comprised of choke, engine and alternator.