Static UPS

// Static UPS is an energy storing device as the UPS with constant voltage and frequency, which is comprised by inverter as its main


// If mains power is connected, static UPS supplies uninterrupted AC electricity in standard frequency. If mains power is disconnected,

     static UPS supplies AC electricity in standard frequency from its battery, in which the electricity goes through the inverter. 

// Static UPS is comprised of rectifier, inverter, battery, static switch and other components. Besides, it covers the bypass system which

    indirectly supply mains power to loads (through backup power). 

// The power sources of UPS include Offline UPS system, Line-Interactive UPS system, Delta Convertible UPS system, Online

    Dual-Convertible UPS system.

// Static UPS system can supply stable and high-quality AC electricity, thus achieving voltage stabilization, frequency stabilization and

    avoiding surge, peak, electrical noise, power sag, low voltage and other disturbance.