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Functional Excellence

// Efficient turbocharger

// Unique high pressure injection technology

// Optimal emission control
// Great fuel efficiency
// Great affordability of load
// High reliability and?maintainability
// Long repair/maintenance period
// Small size, powerful and stable with long service life
// In compliance with ISO8528, GB/T2820, NFPA110
// Certified in CE, TLC, ABP

  • Industry-leading load system

    Backup power with load factor as 80%

  • Manufactured and designed in compliance with ISO

    Certification of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS18001:2015

  • Advanced monitoring and communication system

    A great variety of application including Genset Island Mode and Grid-connected mode, detailed monitoring picture, PLC parameters, multiple languages and varied ways of communication

Technical data

Diesel Genset

  • Type C1250SM-10.5
  • Frequency 50HZ
  • Voltage 10500V
  • Power factor 0.8(lagging)
  • Connection 3-phase and 3-wire
  • Start method 24VDC start
  • Continuous Power  1000/1250KW/KVA
  • Standby Power 1100/1375KW/KVA
  • Dimension (L*W*H) 5800*2050*2415mm
  • Weight 7500kg

Diesel Engine

  • Brand SME
  • Type S12R-PTA-C
  • Rated speed 1500rpm
  • Bore * Stroke 170×180mm
  • No. of Cylinders and arrangement 12V
  • Displacement 49.03L
  • Compression ratio 14.01
  • Aspiration Exhaust Turbocharging
  • Speed Control Mode Electrical
  • Cooling Radiator Water Tank
  • Oil Capacity 180L
  • Coolant Capacity 335L


  • Brand LeroySomer
  • Type LSA 52.2 ZL6
  • Rated Power 1000/1250KW/KVA
  • Excitation Mode Brushless Self-Excited (PMG as the option)
  • Protection Grade IP23
  • Insulation Grade  Class H
  • Rated Temperature Rise 105

Control System

  • Brand DEIF
  • Model CGC413
  •  Remote Monitoring
  •  Incident Record
  • Multiple Languages
  • Remote Self-starting
  • Auto Detection of Mains Failure
  • Multi-contact Input/Output
  • Comprehensive System Protection
  • (Optional: Parallel operation of multiple gensets,Synchronization with mains)

Note: The specifications are subject to change without notice.