The data centre is the computer centre for information storage and processing, including a complete set of complex systems as supporting measure for computer operation. The power supply is the core of the data centre which has strict requirements for diesel generator sets on aspects like performance stability, fault-tolerance, trouble-shooting capability, continuous load capacity, anti-jamming ability, and safety.

// Multiple diesel generators can be paralleled into operation or low-voltage gensets can be boosted into parallel operation;
// Each diesel generator set can supply power through two busbar in parallel mode at the same time;

// If any parallel busbar or unit output circuit fails, it will not affect the normal operation of the system;

// The dual CAN communication between control systems ensure the reliability of the system which will not be affected due to the interruption of the single communication line;

// Redundant parallel control system increases the reliability of the system, in which the redundant module can take in charge if the control module fails in the parallel operation;

// Independent dummy load test system, which can carry out load test on diesel generator sets regularly;

// Flexible power management system which can be adapted in compliance with the percentage of diesel generator load or residual power;

// The load output switch phase management. According to the quantity of online units, the input switches open in phases, in order to avoid the current protection trip caused by the inrush current due to multiple transformers involvement at the same time.