Training丨Cast strong firewall, prevent from

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Autumn is a high fire season

To strengthen the fire safety awareness of Calsion’s employees

Further popularize fire safety knowledge

Improve employees

Ability to deal with sudden fire

October 24th afternoon

On the first floor of the office building

Held a fire safety training at Wuzhishan meeting room

The lecturer introduces the importance of fire safety through real fire cases, lists a large number of field examples and pictures, and shows the serious harm of lack of fire awareness and fire knowledge. The basic knowledge of fire characteristics and fire prevention, as well as self-rescue, fire escape, correct use of fire-fighting equipment, organization of personnel evacuation and other knowledge are explained through video performance, on-site interaction and other forms.

Through the training, Calsion's employees have deeply realized the importance of fire safety and the necessity of fire prevention, especially the on-site disposal method in the face of emergency fire safety accidents, which has played a positive role in the fire safety work of the company's plant area and employees' families.