Culture丨 Punch in the hot spots and experience the cultural journey

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Birthday for everyone

All have special significance

When we work hard for our dreams

Sometimes neglect our birthday in busy work

This day, we will remember for you

To further care for the life of employees

Improve employee happiness index

Promote the construction of corporate culture

October 18 PM

The birthday party of employees in September and October was held as scheduled Life needs a little ritual

Let's do something new this time

Experience cultural journey

Punch in the hot spot

This October

Has your circle of friends been cleaned by Hechai 1972?

You're right!

Hefei's latest online red spot

Attracting numerous Hefei citizens to punch in


This birthday party, we punch in Hechai 1972

Asia's largest center for life aesthetics

Hefei's most literary and artistic photography center

An art park that must punch in

The art exhibition with advanced scale in the history of Hefei

The ideal paradise for literary youth

Many titles

Just listen

It makes people want to punch in

What kind of magic does Hechai 1972 have

Let countless literary and art youth in Hefei bow down?

Punch in with Calsion's friends

Graffiti wall

Before entering the park, the graffiti wall brought surprises to the friends. On the way to the park, the high exterior wall was painted with some unique graffiti styles. Under the visual impact brought by modern art, the solemn and dignified high wall appeared to be lively and relaxed. The first reaction was to take out his mobile phone and take photos.

Hefei Home Appliance Story Hall

A variety of old appliances, old-fashioned home furnishings, wireless power plant assembly lines, home appliances fair, fifteen River home appliances maintenance and other scenes truly restore the living environment of the older generation in the last century. We recovered our childhood memories: "I rode this tricycle when I was a child", "I have this sewing machine in my home", "this bowl is the same as my home"……

Hechai · 1972 Time Exhibition Hall

The time exhibition hall continues the nostalgic style of Hefei home appliance story hall, displaying some old home appliances, old bricks and tiles, books, sewing machines, diesel engines, etc. In addition, there are some desks for visitors to punch in and take photos. Taking photos with mobile phones and sending WeChat Moments are the right way to visit the exhibition hall. Seeing the familiar diesel engine, buddies gathered around to study the difference between specific power and modern diesel engine with great interest.

Hefei Contemporary Art Museum

At the last stop, we came to Hefei contemporary art museum. There are three art galleries, which are divided into three themes according to the different contents of the exhibition. Each venue retains the architectural structure and texture before the transformation, the huge dome structure of the exhibition hall, the exhibits of different styles, shaking every buddies.

Birthday party made everyone closer

We share weal and woe on the road of struggle

A warm birthday party

Embodies the strong love of Calsion

For his family

Thank you for meeting you all!

Happy birthday to you all again!