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Tired of work?

Is life a little boring?


Come to an interesting sports meeting

Keep you fresh and refreshed immediately

It turns out that the sports meeting can be played like this

In order to carry forward the positive, healthy and upward mental outlook of the company's employees, implement the concept of "material health, physical health and mental health", and shape the culture of "health, happiness and happiness", Calsion held the "Youth fearless · dream Chasing -- Calsion staff fun sports meeting" on the afternoon of November 29.

What? How can you tell me you don't know about such a fun sports meeting? Don't worry, follow me review those warm times together!

The fun games have a total of 7 items: Crazy finger pressure plate, table tennis relay race, new-style tug-of-war competition, fun back clamping ball, cock laying eggs, feel the stones to cross the river, a foot set the world.

Can you guess what the game is just by the name?

Those of you who didn't see it

Take it easy

Small make up will take you to relive the happy time on the playground!!

Crazy finger pressure plate

'ah - it hurts! "Gee, it doesn't hurt very much!"  Athletes stepped on the finger pressure plate, a variety of sour expression people can not help but laugh. We exchange the experience of the competition and discuss how to pass quickly.

Table tennis relay race

Table tennis relay race is a great test of team cooperation. The challenge is to transport the ball from point A to point B by all the people using PVC pipes in their hands. Through the passing and cooperation again and again, the partners cultivate the tacit understanding between each other.

New-style tug-of-war competition

The new-style tug-of-war competition is the most exciting and intense competition in the fun games. Four players tug-of-war in different directions. Not only the participants are full of energy, the audience are also cheer all the time. The scene is very lively and the whole game is full of fun and challenge. All participant fought so hard that they didn't even care if their shoes fell off.

Fun back clamping ball

This is a game that needs "skillful strength". Two people must run synchronously with the ball held in their back. When their strength is large, the ball "slips" and when their strength is small or out of sync, the ball "drops". The partners cooperate with each other and the tacit understanding is getting better and better.

Cock laying eggs

Guys need to wear props on their waists, shake out the "eggs" in the props, and score by the number of shakes. Each team elected their most "flexible" team member. Other team members look around and make suggestions. They twist their hips, jump and rotate. In order to shake off the "eggs" in their waists, everyone shows their own skills.

Feel the stones to cross the river

It's a project that needs collective wisdom and cooperation. The partners are holding hands to maintain their body balance. If anyone lands on the ground, the whole team will fail. The team members need to first plan the brick transportation method, cooperate with each other, help each other, not be impatient, and play steadily to achieve final success.

A foot set the world

It's the only individual game in the whole game. It's time to show your personal ability. Everyone has made great efforts. Three opportunities for each player. The first prize is a sports bracelet. Everyone has a chance!

Award Presentation

Deng! Deng! Deng!


This is the end of all sports

Show off your style after hard work

Fun in sports

It's an easy time to laugh

There is also the friendship harvest of teamwork

Let everyone forget the fatigue of work for a while

This is the charm of fun games

I reminds you

After work

Remember to exercise more


Strong body~