Win the bid | Help China Transform From a Big Country to a Powerful Country

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OLED technology has always been a competitive hotspot in the field of high technology in the world, and it is also a key cultivation technology during the 13th Five Year Plan period in China. As the world's leading innovative enterprise of new overall display solutions, Visionox has invested 44 billion to build the sixth generation flexible active matrix organic light-emitting display (AMOLED) production line project in Hefei. Calsion has the honor to win the bid for the project, provide customized power system solutions for it, and help China transform from a display power to a display power.

Project Background

Visionox (Hefei) G6 all soft AMOLED production line is the first AMOLED production line introduced in Anhui Province. The project is located at the intersection of Xinbengbu road and Shuangfeng Road, covering an area of 970 mu. The project is the third AMOLED production line of Visionox in China after Kunshan and Gu'an of Jiangsu Province. The total investment of the project is 44 billion yuan. The base plate size of the production line is 1500mm × 1850mm, and the capacity is 30K / month.
Project Requirements
The production characteristics of semiconductor factories determine that once a long-term power interruption occurs, it will have an impact on production and operation. Therefore, the safety and economy of production of semiconductor factories determine that semiconductor factories must have a reliable and stable power supply. In the existing technology and power environment, it is urgent to match with emergency diesel generator set.
Project Research
Under the existing municipal power distribution system, it is of great significance to build a reasonable emergency power supply and distribution system for semiconductor plants. According to the statistics of emergency electrical load of the plant, 10 1800kW Calsion diesel generator sets are configured. Combined with the actual demand and automation design of enterprise production, the diesel generator set should have the functions of parallel operation of 10 sets of units and grid connection with the municipal power supply.

In view of the needs of enterprises and the stability, advancement, energy saving and environmental protection of diesel generating sets, Calsion provides 10 1800KW diesel generators for this project. In case of mains failure, the generator set will be started and operated at the same time, and the generator will be paralleled with the mains for power supply and mains power recovery. At the same time, from project selection, system design, scheme optimization to project implementation, technical support, we provide customers with comprehensive emergency power system solutions and turnkey projects.

1. Let "Chinese screen" stand in the forest of the world

In view of the technical development trend and potential market demand of flexible AMOLED, Visionox continues to innovate and has made prospective technical layout in the direction of super comprehensive screen, high-end folding, low power consumption, high resolution and other products. Visionox (Hefei) G6 all flexible AMOLED production line is positioned as "all flexible and high-end". After completion, it will have full capacity and high-end technology docking capability, and can provide high-end customized services to high-end markets and customers.

Visionox flexible and foldable AMOLED tablet

The production line will not only improve the technical level, overall production capacity and market share of China's flexible AMOLED panel, but also enhance China's position in the global new display industry, promote China's transformation from a large display country to a strong display country, drive the development of manufacturing industry with panel as the core, and create a new business card of China's intelligent manufacturing. Let the "Chinese screen" stand in the forest of the world and reshape the global flexible display industry pattern with independent innovation.

2. Create a number of “world first”

Visionox is the world's leading innovative enterprise of new overall display solution, which has mastered a number of key technologies of OLED. Up to now, it has more than 6300 key patents related to OLED, won the first prize of National Technology Invention Award issued by the State Council, and the "China patent gold" jointly issued by the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and China National Intellectual Property Office.

Visionox has made active layout in the technology frontier zone representing the future direction of the industry, such as flexible AMOLED technology, and has successfully created many flexible products, including the world's first AMOLED full curl display screen, arbitrary bending flexible screen full module, etc. The minimum bending radius can reach 1.6mm, breaking through the technical boundary of flexible display folding repeatedly. It has become the maker of two international standards for flexible display, and the technology of flexible OLED has reached the advanced level in the world.