Honor丨Ling Yajun, a worker of Calsion, won the honorary title of

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On August 30, "be main force to build a new era – Hefei 2019 Labor and Skills Competition Welder Skills Competition", sponsored by Hefei Federation of Trade Unions, Hefei Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Hefei Committee of Communist Youth League, came to a successful end in Hefei Qianghua Industrial Park.

Calsion competed with JAC, Zhongchen Light Industry Machinery co., LTD., China Railway 24 Bureau, China Energy Construction co., LTD., and other enterprises on the same stage. After fierce competition on the spot, Ling Yajun, staff in production department of Calsion won the fifth place, and won the honorary title of "Gold Medal Worker of Hefei" again after 2018.

1. International welding competition system is adopted to upgrade technical difficulty

This competition is based on the corresponding competition system and items of the Jack Cup International Welding Competition, the International Welding Society's Welding Competition and the successive competitions of the National Employees'

Professional Skills Competition. It follows the principle of universal applicability and technological advancement in all walks of life in the city, and only examines the actual operation.

In the final competition, there are 1 first prize (first prize), 2 second prize (second and third prize) and 3 third prize (fourth to sixth prize). The first prize winner may apply for the honorary title of "Hefei May Day labor medal" to the Municipal Labor Competition Committee, and the qualified candidate may apply for the title of "Luzhou craftsman". The second and third prize winners can apply for the title of "Hefei Gold Medal Worker" to the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions. At the same time, there are material rewards. The first prize is 3000 yuan, the second prize is 2000 yuan, and the third prize is 1000 yuan.

2.Continuous awards, Calsion has excellent technology and strong strength

It is reported that in the "Hefei Welder Skills Competition 2018", our production department Yang Bo and Ling Yajun won the fourth and fifth place respectively, and won the honorary title of "Hefei Gold Medal Worker". Won the prize again, Ling Yajun had a deep feeling. " In terms of technical difficulty, this year's competition is obviously upgraded from last year's. The competition adopted the compulsory items of the international welding competition, which is the most difficult welding position in the welding rod arc welding. Many contestants on the spot had zero points. The competition venue is relatively narrow and the weather is hot, so it is very difficult to finish the competition in 180 minutes.

As a high-end emergency power supply system solutions provider, Calsion has been cooperating with international first-class enterprises for many years, and has always been strict with its own international standards, committed to providing customers with professional, efficient and innovative customized power system solutions. Research and development of products and technologies and continuous innovation have been one of Calsion's excellent genes for decades. This skills award is another recognition of Calsion's core strength. In the future, Calsion will continue to actively guide the vast number of workers to base themselves on their duties, study new technologies, master new skills, and promote the construction of a knowledge-based, skill-based and innovative workforce in the country.